Yet no one is to blame, no guilt is shared.

I'm twenty years old, I'm a lady-crackle,

and I just only start to see one's face...

Yet there's no need to break off his embrace;

All legends and all ballads make you jangle.

I'm thirty years old, I'm a lady-oval,

And I just only start weekdays to see...

I never stood on deck to watch the sea,

Was never sketched, nor described in a novel.

I'm forty years old, I'm a lady-crystal,

And I just only start to see the wind...

The holy World is mine, before it Yet no one is to blame, no guilt is shared. sinned,

And mine is He who sadly made it bristle.

I'm hundreds years old, I'm a lady still...


- Mama,

you hear:

The night


As if being beaten on her eyes...

If God

Had a Daughter

Of seven


we would less hear those women's cries.

- You think,

My darling,

Of de-


Feast is your life breaking up in two.

If God

Had a Brother

Would you


that His own world is obscene too?

- Mama,

it's all

In a big


My soul is not heated with your plaid...

If God

Had a cur

Would you

Dare say

he couldn't search out that shade?

- You think so,


You'll Yet no one is to blame, no guilt is shared. get


from those attempts to hear replies:

If God

Had a Father

For His save

would then He think that the Cross lies?

- Mama,

You hear -

this life's


Time expires, while grief's too big.

If God

Had Someone

For Him

To trust

We would be hardly able to speak.

- You think so,




the world doesn't stride; doesn't see, legs-cut.

If God

Had no people

Which Him


He would then hardly be their God.


You used to cry over a broken doll;

Over school grades; then over your beloved;

Over your children; then cried at the coffin

Of parents deceased. You shed your tears

Just Yet no one is to blame, no guilt is shared. over vanished beauty. In the end -

Over old age, forlornness... But somewhere

Some part of you which had forgotten you

Was likewise weeping over vanished beauty,

with one arm 'mbracing a daughter of her own

Which, in her turn, sobbed over her beloved,

And with the other arm caressed her sister

Who sadly cried over a broken doll.


If I kept screaming about you -

The echo would die on the crest.

If I kept silence about you -

The voice inside would break my chest.

If I kept chanting about you -

The song would break about its fame.

If I kept drawing about you Yet no one is to blame, no guilt is shared. -

All men would close their eyes in shame.

If I kept living about you -

the world would know, what's the neglect.

If I kept dying about you -

I would not ever resurrect.


Do not create for yourself an idol -

don't fall in love.

No carnal place brings you a hidel,

For high above

Heavenly sacred eyes are watching.

Do not despise,

While dark and guilty deeds approaching,

God's paradise.

Do not create for yourself an idol -

that evil's core.

Don't wish one's hand, too soft and idle,

Документ Yet no one is to blame, no guilt is shared.